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Travelogue - Puerto Vallarta

I'm just back from lovely Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This is my favorite of the Mexican resort towns - cobblestone streets, old churches, jungles, mountains and the ocean... Plus I met my husband here nearly ten years ago!

We stayed at the new Now Amber Resort, which is halfway between the airport and town. This is a no-brainer for an all-inclusive stay in Puerto Vallarta. Nice location, beautiful grounds and views, even the entry-level rooms have ocean views, great service, good food with lots of restaurant choices (and no reservations required), and enough activities (yoga, kayaking, volleyball, casino night, Mariachi band) to keep you entertained if you want to do anything besides sit on the beach or at the pool.

I was here for a destination wedding and it was flawless. The reso

rt took care of absolutely everything, from the officiant to the cake to the DJ - and it was all seamless and stress free for the couple and the guests. I would absolutely recommend it to any couple looking for a destination wedding.



Now Resorts are in the same family as Secrets, Dreams, Sunscape and Zoetry, with many locations in Mexico, the Caribbean and Costa Rica. They always have great specials - next time you're looking for a beach vacation, or if you want to plan a destination wedding/vow renewal, call me and we can find the perfect resort for you!

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